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Why I Joined - Katie Spaude

Katie is currently the UW Operations Assistant and will be promoted to Secretary for the following academic year due to her hard work on the UW Chapter executive board. Read below to find out why she joined our team!

EmBark first caught my eye at the student org fair my freshman year, mostly because the presentation had a big cutout of a dog head. However, once I actually walked over there and learned more about the organization I knew I had to join. There are so many survivors on every college campus, but especially at UW, and this was a cause that I felt was very important and that I could give my all to. EmBark creates a place for survivors to heal, while also connecting them with animals that just need somebody to love them. It gives survivors the opportunity to feel less alone through their healing journeys, whether that be through a sense of community with other members or a club sponsored adoption. Spaces like that don’t come around very often, and that is what makes EmBark so special. I am so proud to be on the board of this amazing club and would love to help as many people as I possibly can.

-Katie Spaude

UW Chapter Operations Assistant 2020-2021

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