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National Membership - Annual

National Membership - Annual


Here at EmBark, our mission is to support those who have gone through traumatic life experiences by fundraising, raising awareness, and providing support and resources to help the healing process of both survivors and their rescue animals. Throughout the country, but with a focus on Wisconsin, EmBark provides support, resources, and services to survivors of child abuse, sexual assault, domestic violence, and intimate partner violence as well as those who struggle with PTSD and mental health issues. 

In order to EmBark on a journey of mutual healing, we fund the adoption of shelter animals, cover the costs of Emotional Service Animal certification, and assure ongoing support and resources for both survivors and their furry friends. 



So, how can you help?

Become a national member of our team and help us support survivors! With an annual donation of only 20 dollars, you can help us in our mission to provide much needed support and resources for survivors across Wisconsin, and the US. With a national membership you will receive email updates on all our new accomplishments, a handwritten thank you letter*, and exclusive raffle opportunities! When purchasing a national membership, you will receive a copy of your annual membership. Thank you for your thoughtful donation!


Please direct any questions you may have to our email! We’re happy to work with you!

  • Optional

    If you would like to receive bimonthly update emails from us please send us your email. Likewise, if you would like a handwritten thank you, please provide us with your mailing address. Both are completely optional, though we recommend subscribing to our update emails!

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