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Being positive all the time isn't for everyone (or really anyone) and trying to force yourself into being like that will often create more problems for you and you'll snap. There's nothing wrong with being sad, angry, or frustrated - getting out that energy, and then finding your way back to happy, positive, content (just like there's no problem with those who are able to be and project positivity almost constantly - we all have different methods for coping with life's challenges and no way is any more right or wrong.) BUT there is something to be said for trying to add more positive energy into your life and the benefits that come with that.

Looking for ideas to help add snippets of positivity into your day? Try one of these maybe:

  1. Create a basket or jar and have a pretty paper that each day you can write one thing you are grateful for and put it in the jar. Try to be specific, because the more general you are the less meaningful it will be when you read it back later. When you're really struggling to find something to be happy about, read through a few of these. Gratitude doesn't expire.

  2. Every time you think or say something negative about yourself write down something that you like about yourself (again, be specific) and put this in a jar. When you're feeling good about yourself, write down all the things you're feeling good about on a separate piece of paper and put it in the jar. When you're having a hard time being kind to yourself, look at all these things are try to channel the way you felt when you were loving yourself instead of being your own worst critic.

  3. Feeling overwhelmed? Find a perfect walking or hiking spot for you and get to walking. Adding music is optional, adding your favorite beverage is optional, adding furry friends is optional (but encouraged;) ) Keep walking. Walk longer than it takes to decrease your stress levels back to their baseline. Walk longer than it takes to just take in the sights. Walk until your body feels loose and relaxed (although maybe a little tired) and take all of the fresh air, natural sights, and sounds of nature in. It baffles what a difference a one or two hour walk can make for me. Sometimes I listen to music or podcasts or veterinary videos. Sometimes I bring my demon kitty. Sometimes I grab a coffee beforehand. Sometimes I just take it in with nothing but myself (and maybe some water - stay hydrated friends).

There are countless other things you can try. Do you have something you like to do that brings more positive energy into your day? Share it with us by message or email!

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