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Diana Stewart - Director of Branding and Finance

Diana is currently the UW Chapter Treasurer, soon to be president of the UW Chapter, and also maintains a role on the statewide board of directors as Director of branding and finance. Read below why she joined!

I was a Sophomore transfer student from the University of Arizona my first year at UW. I knew I had to get involved with student organizations if I wanted to make friends, since I missed my opportunity to do so during Freshman year. Being an animal lover, I was immediately attracted to EmBark. Once I learned more about the club, I fell in love. I am a survivor of childhood abuse who also benefits from having an emotional support animal, meaning this club hit home for me. Myself and other important people in my life have also been affect by sexual assault and harrasment, so to be apart of a club that offers support for those survivors felt amazing. Getting to help my fellow peers and surrounding community at the same time has made me grow as a student, a friend, and professional. EmBark will be an organization that will forever have my undying support.

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