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Update from Changa

Hey there - this is Chimichanga, Holly's 12 week old kitten, coming at ya for a update on my shenanigans.

I am TROUBLE. I know mom was in the market for a old, snuggly, female cat and then I just kinda wormed my way in (all 1.5 male, kitten, no-affection-allowed of me) and she's stuck with me.

I loveeeee to bit, toes, fingers, arms, legs, ankles, faces, necks - whatever is near me if you try to give me attention bc GROSS. It's pretty annoying that when I'm sleeping mom will give me kisses and pick me up and rock me because I'm so tired that I'm defenseless then - I even purr for a few moments before I start to scream at her!!!

I don't know why my mom thinks its so weird that I like dogs? My bffs are a 100+ lb Great Dane, a beagle-mix, a Pomeranian, and a Italian greyhound (I like them all what can I say). I have no fear, even though I am a mere 3 pounds. I attack. They give me a break, I attack again. It's pretty fun. Lucy, the beagle-mix is teaching me to fetch and chew on sticks, much to moms irritation. I also try to bark at things but it doesn't come out like the other dogs, what's up with that? Mom keeps trying to show me these other evil creatures though, she says I'm one of them but these 'cats' she speaks of....I will fight them to the death. It's a no from me.

I also enjoy attempting to eat plants that will make me sick, jumping out counters and trying to eat anything on the counters, jumping into lunch and dinner plates to get my share of literally any type of human food, attacking cords that might electrocute me, destroying shower curtains, and fighting mom when she cleans my litter box - thats my poop crazy lady!!!

I do all this and mom STILL loves me and tries to snuggle and kiss me and hold me - like come ON lady what do I have to do to get you to back off? Y U so obsessed w me?????

Anyways, I'll keep you updated on how I'm torturing my mom as time goes on! Keep being naughty friends (dogs only - cats just get out of here).


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