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"The Reporting System that Sexual Assault Survivors Want" Jessica Ladd Ted Talk Event

This month we watched the Ted Talk given by Jessica Ladd on a reporting system that could prevent future violence from repeat sexual assault offenders.

"We can create a world where there's a real deterrent to violating the rights of another human being," she says.

Ladd tells the story of a university drugged-assault situation and the ineffectiveness of survivor resources and police intervention.

One in five women...

One in thirteen men...

...Experience sexual assault.

Yet there's a 99% chance a sex offender will get away with it.

Here's something Ladd thinks would help:

A website to report to instead of having to go to a person who may or may not believe them. An option to create a secure, timestamped document to preserve evidence even if they don't want to report yet. The ability to report their assault only if someone else reported the same assailant - "knowing you weren't the only one changes everything".

You are not alone.

This system helps provide this support system to let survivors know they are not alone, and this would help many feel more confident in reporting their case to stop a repeat offender and prevent future violence.

This system would alert anyone reporting the same assailant and reports these cases at the same time to the authorities which increases the chance of police follow up and prevent 59% of sexual assault by stopping repeat perpetrators earlier on.

Ladd believes this system not alone shows survivors they aren't alone, but prevents sexual violence and assault through providing a deterrent to possible perpetrators while also creating a way for multiple survivors to report their cases in a way that makes them feel more safe and ensures more follow up from the authorities.

What do you think?

Send your thoughts to - we would love to hear from you!

Haven't watched the Ted Talk? Here is the link to this informative 6 minute video:

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