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September 10th is Suicide Prevention Day

Today is a very important day. September 10th is Suicide Prevention Day - part of September being Suicide Awareness and Prevention Month. Today, our COO, Holly went live on instagram to talk about what this day means, share some of her personal experiences and stories relating to this tough topic, and to let people struggling know they are not alone, as well as to give advice to those worrying about someone else they know.

Some of the main takeaways from her talk today:

  1. You are not alone. You matter. You are needed here.

  2. If you are worried that someone you know if struggling and needs help, reach out and get help. Don't worry about your friends getting mad at you - if they do at first, with some time they will realize you are acting out of a place of love and care. (to quote Holly - "I was very mad at my friends who called the police on me once - but clearly I got over it, because I've been dating one of them for three years now.") It is always worth it.

  3. The loss of someone, even someone who you might know well, will have long lasting effects - take the time to think of the reverse situation. Holly specifically gave the example that someone she only kind of knew but was not close with took their own life many years ago, and it still affects her now, years later. People care more than you think. You do matter.

  4. As a friend and advocate for survivors, do not put it all on your own shoulders. You cannot pour from an empty cup - be an advocate, be a friend and listen, but know that often times your friend or loved one will need to talk to someone who can help more such as a therapist or mental health professional.

  5. Here at EmBark, we want you to be a SURVIVOR. Remember that.

If you want to talk, ask for advice or resources for yourself or someone else, or ask a question about the video given by Holly today, please always feel welcome to reach out to us! And keep spreading awareness and helping us destigmatize mental health and suicide awareness, this month and every month.

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