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Self Care

That's right - it's self care time at EmBark.

It is SO important.

And lucky for me, Fall is my favorite season - and of course Halloween is my favorite holiday. So even though vet school is kicking my butt I will most definitely be practicing self care in the form of fall and Halloween activities.

My to do list for self care this month:

  • Do some bat and pumpkin bath bombs from Lush (if you haven't tried one - go do it, thank me later.)

  • Apple orchard

  • Make homemade apple pie (and of course eat it all immediately after)

  • Pumpkin picking

  • Decorating the apartment

  • You know I already bought a bunch of fall candles

  • Hiking in the changing leaves!!!!

  • Carve pumpkins

  • ETC

What's on your list?

Send us your self care list for this month - fall/halloween themed or not, and we might feature you on our instagram anonymously! Quick shoutout to our new and improved email or send them directly to me at

Can't wait to hear from you!

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