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Meet Robin and Belle

They are both four years old and complete opposites! Robin weighs about 26 lbs, has white/golden curly hair and is a male mini goldendoodle. Belle weighs about 52 lbs, has a black coat with a white belly and toes, and is a female border collie labrador mix, we think. She was rescued and we know that her mom was a border collie, but she looks identical to a lab!

Robin loves to play fetch and play in the snow, as well as cuddle and takes naps. Robin is a huge cuddle bug and a huge mama's boy! Belle has no interest in playing fetch unless it is to take the ball away from Robin then she absolutely loves it! She enjoys taking the ball away from Robin and making him chase her around the yard to get it back. Belle also enjoys rolling in the grass and loves walks especially in the fall when she can crush the leaves under her paws.

When Belle isn't doing either of these activities she enjoys lazing in the sun and sleeping. She loves her naps and even snores! Belle is very food oriented and loves treats! The second she hears or smells treats she automatically sits down and wants to give you a high five to get a treat!

One easy and fun game that both Robin and Belle enjoy is find the treat. We play this game by using a cupcake or muffin tin and placing a treat in some of the tins. Once you do this you use tennis balls to 'hide' the treats and put a few extra tennis balls on tins without a treat under them to make it more difficult. Make sure not to put a tennis ball on every muffin tin, so that your pet can place and move the tennis balls around. It is super simple and easy to set up! Robin and Belle could play this for hours if I let them, but I try to limit the number of treats we give them, so we only play a few times. Feel free to try this game with your own pet to mentally stimulate and challenge them. This game was especially helpful with Robin because of how smart he was and through playing this and taking a few walks he would tire out! Definitely made the nights much easier especially when he was a puppy.

-Brenda Ruiz

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