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Meet one of our Pet-of-the-Month's


"This is Portia, with a nickname of Pretty. I adopted her on January 23rd. As someone in CBT, between my anxiety and being in a new place, it was recommended that an emotional support animal would be of benefit in my life. I was adamantly against a newborn kitten because my school hours are insane. I knew the personality I was looking for and explaining it sounded crazy. I had been looking for weeks and was in contact with Angel's Wish. While I hadn't intended on same-day adoption, it wasn't a question, she was coming home with me. Portia is so self-sufficient that she could indeed be a working law-abiding citizen. At the same time, despite me being a new stranger, she is also the sweetest thing. I'm convinced that she does not have an aggressive bone in her body. I allowed her to become comfortable and dictate the speed of coming to me, while also giving her free reign of my loft. In a month, her personality has shined. She has the most precious behavior of extremely softly paw-tapping me in the middle of the night looking for cuddles (although never too long because she's miss independent). I will say that midnight is her adorable "cat crazy" time where she runs all over the house but I don't mind because I have successfully cat-proofed the place (there was a learning curve). When I'm home, wherever I am, she's by me from the time I study till the time I go to bed. We have routines established. And she'll get vocal about food if she has to. Lastly, I wish I had the amount of rest she has because I promise you 90% of the time, she is sleeping. She's my life-long buddy and I'm so grateful to have found her. She is perfect and we're meant to be. She is also a tuxedo cat so she's always best dressed! I'm obviously her biggest fan. "

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