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Interested in a book club?

I don't know about you but I have re-found my love of reading in the last year.

When I was younger, I struggled to make friends, and I didn't enjoy my own life, so I found peace in reading ...and reading and reading. I read multiple books in a single day, every day, and dreamt about the characters being my friends. I have TERRIBLE eyesight now - and its because I used to get up and sit by my nightlight and read in the dark, destroying my eyes. And when I started undergrad, that all POOF - gone. No more time for that. I tried to start making time for it since starting vet school and a-ha-ha > nope. Not possible (for me). But every break I get now, I read and I read. And I love it, even if it may be different reasons than before.

If you're interested in a book club, please shoot me an email at I will send you a hand picked book for free!

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