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In noncovid times, sexual assault awareness month has this awareness event called #CupOfPrevention. Right now it's more like #virtualcupofprevention!

On designated days in April during SAAM - therapist, psychologists, sexual assault experts, survivor resource coordinators adn others would volunteer their time to hunker down in a coffee or tea shop and keep the table open for people to come and sit and talk. They could just have a conversation, they could present statistics and tell stories, they could provide resources and tips for healing - it's all very open ended - but the goal was simple. To just be another outlet and resource for survivors while at the same time spreading awareness to the cause.

In our virtual times, as EmBark we decided to post photos with statistics, dogs, happy selfies, resources ,outlets, and more.

Thank you everyone who has been sharing their cups of prevention - and please keep them coming. We know your coffee cups are never empty ;)

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