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Abby Moravec - Director of Outreach and Communication

Why I joined

I joined the first semester of my freshman year after the org caught my eye at the student org fair. I attended the first meeting and immediately fell in love with the mission. I took a shot in the dark and ran for the board position of Operations Assistant and got it. Working with Sammy, Holly, and Amber was incredibly empowering and inspiring and made working with the organization even better.

I have really really struggled with mental health and I found a lot of comfort in my dog. Dogs have such an optimistic outlook on life and that energy is infectious. When it was hard to smile or get out of bed, I thought about how happy Zoe would be if we went for a hike or went to the lake. And everytime without fail, her joy brought me joy. Sometimes it’s hard to take care of myself but it is never hard to take care of her.

Zoe has helped me out of those dark places and I honestly don’t know what I’d do without her. That’s why I am so passionate about EmBark. I want other survivors to experience the healing and comfort that a dog (or cat) can bring.

-Abby Moravec

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