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Sammy Michaels - Executive Director

Why did I join?

(^me and mac's first pic together!)

My name is Sammy and some of you may know me but some of you may not. I was the original founder of the chapter of this org that has now transitioned into being EmBark.

I started the chapter because I was a survivor myself. To be blunt, having being sexually assaulted twice and just months apart from each other was a lot for an 18 year old to handle. What had happened to me, destroyed me and took away my true identity. I struggled with many mental illnesses and didn’t know where to turn. I struggled for a couple years but then I found Mac.

Let me tell you that when I first got him things were not easy. He would get very anxious when I left to school or work and would tear up my roommates and my things. I also couldn’t put him in the crate because he would just bark and whine the whole time I was gone. There really was no happy medium. Even through all of this my mental wellness went from 0 to 100 by just having him there. I was recovering from some of my mental illnesses and reclaiming my identity as time went on.

Mac truly did change my life and I don’t know where I would be without him today. My dream is to give this same experience I had to every survivor out there. I will work to make this dream come true with my amazing team at EmBark.

<3 Sammy and Mac

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