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Red Rover + Rose Brooks Center

One huge aspect in domestic violence situations is the pet - they can't go to women's shelters most of the time, so what do they do? In fact, some women state that as one of the reasons they find it hard to leave the situation they're in. Red Rover, and other similar organization, are working to help.

Red Rovers mission: "Our mission is to bring animals out of crisis and strengthen the bond between people and animals through emergency sheltering, disaster-relief services, financial assistance, and education. We accomplish this by engaging volunteers and supporters, collaborating with others, and maximizing the use of online technology."

They provide financial assistance, as well as provide homes and training for animals that escape domestic violence situations that can't remain with their owners.

Please find out more about Red Rover here:

In addition - there's many organizations similar to Red Rover, and many are working towards trying to keep survivors and their pets together. This provides challenges, but many places like Rose Brooks Center are working to bridge this cap is support for both survivors and their animals. Please watch this heartwarming video to learn more about what they're doing and why:

And here is the link to their website:

These are but two of the many organizations we are proud to support, and sometimes partner with, to help support survivors and their animals. Need more local options similar to these? Shoot us an email, we're happy to help.

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