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Our Mission

The EmBark Foundation’s mission is to provide support and services to survivors of trauma and their furry friends. We fulfill this mission by providing funds for the adoption of a rescue animal and assuring ongoing support and care for both survivors and their furry friends.

Who do we serve and why?

At the EmBark Foundation, we provide services to survivors of sexual violence, intimate-partner violence, domestic violence, and child abuse. We embody a positive support system regardless of race, ethnicity, religion, gender identity, sexual identity/preference, age, ability, or economic status while acknowledging the role of intersectionality in trauma. 

We serve survivors through our mission due to the inequitable prevalence of these forms of trauma, their mental health impacts, and the effectiveness animals have in healing. 

Our Services

We assure ongoing support for our survivors through multiple services that benefit those with animals as well as those without. 

  • Funding for the adoption of a rescue animal 

  • Emotional Support Animal (ESA) certification

  • Pet supplies packages (include pet supplies or any other pet necessities)

  • Survivor care packages

  • Veterinary bill reimbursements 

  • Adoption packages: include different combinations of our services outlined above. 

    • EmBark on a Journey of Healing Package: Funding for a rescue animal adoption + ESA certification + pet supplies package​

    • New Friends, Forever Family Adoption Package: Funding for a rescue animal adoption + ESA certification

    • A New Leash on Life Adoption Package: Funding for a rescue animal adoption + pet supplies package

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