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Winter Break

One of our lovely UW members sent in an update that we wanted to share with you all on how they spent their winter break. We have shared their story below:

My dog’s name is Chewie and he is around 13 years old now. As he has gotten older he has been developing a lot of health problems, so spending time with him when I can is something I look forward to when I come home for summer and winter breaks. Chewie has already once fully recovered from cancer, but now he has developed another tumor. Along with this his vision and hearing are deteriorating as normal for dogs his age. Over break, I had COVID and I did not want to be around him in case he transmitted the virus which was very saddening to deal with. But when I was healthy, I got to take walks with him and play with him along with trying on his new outfits (as shown in the picture attached), but these interactions greatly helped my mental health as my family and I prepare for his final stage of his life. Chewie has helped me dearly with bouts of depression and overall grief through the 10 years he has been present in my life, and I could never thank him enough for that. It has been hard emotionally and financially for us during this journey, but Chewie brings great joy to the entire family, and we will cherish these moments with him for as long as we can.
-Nick L.

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