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Chimichanga Says Hello

Last month I brought home the most crazy, wild, demonic, uncontrollable, cutest, heart-stealing little monster. His name is chimichanga because what can I say I love food, and his alternate nickname is mcchicken (don't blame me, blame my partner!)

At my job, we rescued them from a brush-fire and couldn't find their mama. Four kittens in total and 3 were accounted for by my coworkers and they just kept saying "this one is for Holly" until - what do you know - I bought him $500 of new toys, food, enrichment, and supplies and brought this 1.3 pound little devil home.

You will never meet a more naughty kitten, I swear. But he is the cutest thing in the world and even when he is testing me, I love him more than anything.

Don't worry - you will hear more of Chimichangas adventures soon ;)


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