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Alice - Why I Joined

Alice is an amazing active member who has been helping us support survivors for two years now and we can't be more appreciate of her and her hard work. Pictured is her cute baby Blue. Read below why she joined:

Joining Embark my freshman year really helped me with a difficult period in my life. Moving away from home and my friends, experiencing homesickness, loneliness, the academic rigor of UW Madison, and not really knowing where I fit in on the huge campus were all factors that were pretty overwhelming for me. Attending Embark meetings (especially because pre-Covid the member’s dogs would also join in on the meeting) was really a bright spot during hard weeks for me. More than that, the opportunity to volunteer and contribute to others and a good cause really helped reconnect me to a bigger purpose. Participating in the events Embark offers has always helped re-energize me to take on the rest of the semester.

-Alice + Blue

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